Isabella Roigard

Isabella roigard

My journey with beauty and skincare began back in 2007 in my native Sweden where I studied to become a fully qualified beauty therapist and skincare specialist. I have traveled the world as a beauty therapist, working on an international cruise ship, treating skin at luxury spa hotels, providing beauty therapy at well-known clinics here in New Zealand, and managing a beauty salon in Sweden.

 After many years working at clinics performing skin treatments that only temporarily helped my clients with their concerns, I became more and more interested in understanding the root causes of skin conditions. My passion for holistic skincare has led to a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute to beautiful skin. By working in harmony with the skin’s natural functions and helping to support the skin barrier with nutrition and lifestyle I can help my clients take their skin healing to a different level . These days I work closely with a registered Naturopath and Nutritionist out of our clinic in Opawa, Christchurch. We work together with our clients to help them on a journey toward healthy, glowing skin. We offer essential beauty therapy and grooming, relaxing treatments, and skincare programmes specially tailored to your unique skin. Contact me via the links below to find out how I can help you.

The meaning of iduneir

IdunEir is more than just a name, it is a holistic skincare and beauty philosophy deeply connected to my Scandinavian roots. I was born and raised in Sweden where Norse mythology is a part of our school curriculum. IdunEir brings together the names of two goddesses associated with beauty and healing. Idun is the goddess of youth, she is the “giver of eternal youth”, while Eir is the goddess of healing. Our core philosophy at IdunEir Beauty is represented by these two goddesses. IdunEir Beauty treatments aim to support the skin’s natural healing ability. Whether it’s beauty maintenance or tailored skin therapy, our holistic skincare philosophy informs everything we do. Talk to us about how we can help you to enhance your natural gifts and achieve healthy, glowing skin.